Edward Snowden, whistleblower

Edward Snowden’s deci­sion to throw him­self into the machine for our col­lec­tive ben­e­fit is an incred­i­bly impor­tant story, not least because the tim­ing sig­nals sol­i­dar­ity with Bradley Man­ning, who is now in the first week of his trial after an aston­ish­ing (and ille­gal) three-year delay.

Sol­i­dar­ity gen­er­ates heat, and that can mean expo­nen­tial growth.

When it all starts to fall apart, it can hap­pen very fast.

Nobody knows where the elbow in the hockey stick really is. You can hit it by surprise.

Whistle­blow­ers are the canaries in the coal mines. Our gov­ern­ment wants them dead. What do you sup­pose that means?

And let’s not for­get the brave jour­nal­ists Glenn Green­wald and Laura Poitras, equal heroes in this case.

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